After 13 years the moment is there to start another, more quiet life.
In November Fromagère Jolanda will become Fromagère Cécile (Les Noix de Fougeyrollas).
We can assure you that you will be able to buy the same cheese for the same price and at the same markets:
Wednesday Hautefort, Thursday Excideuil, and every Saturday in Cherveix Cubas and a few times a year in Sainte Eulalie d’Ans. Cécile has a blue van, a 'food truck' and she will also sell cheese at home. You can call her to make an appointment at 06 86 90 80 22.
I will be intermediary for her and the supplier so that you can be sure to have the same ‘farmers cheese' directly from the 'Green Heart' of the Netherlands.
I thank you for your loyalty during all these years and I hope you will continue to buy good cheese from Fromagère Cécile.

Our assortment

We have a wide variety of cheeses and there is delicious 'Gouda' for every taste. Make a party of your cheese board: our tasty artisanal cheese straight from the Dutch farm on your plate !

Traditional Gouda cheese: young, mature, old and extra old (crumble cheese).
The herbs cheeses: cumin, nettle, mustard, tomato/olives, bear's garlic, fenugreek, herbs. One of our specialties is truffle cheese.
We also have a nice assortment of goat cheeses: natural mature, natural old, fenugreek and nettle. We also sell a very nice old sheep cheese!
We can help you choose the ideal cheese to make a very good fondue or raclette.

Fromagère Jolanda can deliver 'cheese packages', which you can put together yourself to offer on various occasions like Christmas, Father's or Mother's day, Valentine`s day or as a corporate gift, etc.
We make sure that your package is nicely made up.

On the market

If you have special wishes, don't hesitate to contact us!



We are on the markets of Hautefort (every Wednesday), Excideuil (every Thursday) and Cherveix Cubas (every Saturday)

On the farm by appointment: 06 86 90 80 22 

Fromagère Cécile
Dutch Farmers' Cheese from Gouda
T : 05 53 05 37 64
P : 06 86 90 80 22 
e-mail :
Siren: 41832923100017